Customer Service

Progressive Corporation, like any other company, appoints insurance agents for business development. Progressive Corporation offers an online platform,, where your insurance agents can access a variety of professional information.


The site has been specially designed for Progressive Corporation agents to help them achieve higher claims, specialized insurance categories, better service, compact agency technology, competitive pricing, and instant customer service.

When you log into your Progressive Only or ForAgentsOnly account, you have direct access to all the online features and services offered by Progressive Connection in one place.

 ForAgentsOnly Customer Service

To obtain the correct progressive agent code for your agency, contact our Agent Licensing Department at 1-877-776-2436.

If you continue to experience the following technical problems, call 1-800-695-4050:

  1. The error message you received
  2. The approximate time/date you received the error message
  3. The page where you found the error message
  • What browser/version did you use (for example, Internet Explorer 6.0)?
  • What operating system/platform (eg Windows XP) did you use?
  • What Internet Service Provider are you using (eg MSN, AOL)?

I hope this has been a useful guide to access the ForAgentsOnly portal. You may also find the following resources helpful:

  • Progressive Society:
  • ForAgentsOnly portal redirect URL:
  • Progressive ForAgents call for personalized assistance: 1-877-776-2436 / 1-800-695-4050.
  • Progressive social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube.


After going through all the registration and login steps, you still cannot access your account directly. Contact customer service directly. Your service staff committed to the agency is by your side to advise you and act at all times. You can even contact the admissions department.

All of the above information is customer service information provided to you. If you have any problems registering, feel free to contact the information above.